Yes it’s a classic but this seriously needed an upgrade, so if they can just totally revamp for something new, I think that’s necessary. No problem with this…

Lots of changes are really exciting!

Something I have already learned is that not every day working at Disney is magical and perfect. Lately it has been very slow at the parks. This means that Spaceship Earth is incredibly empty. I know I’ll be wishing for these days when the holidays come, but the shifts just feel extra long right now.

I have also quickly learned that there is no reason to resent the job though so many are probably quick to do. To combat this, I have taken advantage of my days off by reminding myself why I wanted to work here: I go to the parks as a guest. It is so refreshing to be reminded of all my great memories here, enjoy the cast interaction knowing their perspective, and best of all, because it’s so slow, there are NO lines (observe the bottom pictures).

The pictures are from of an afternoon at Hollywood Studios before work. Though it was hard to leave in the middle of the day, it made going to work a lot easier that night. It is these times that I remember why i am so lucky to work here.

The night of my assessment and officially earning my ears, my roommates and I went to Paradiso 37, in Downtown Disney for a late dinner. It was so much fun with live music and good drinks!

The CRAZIEST part of the night was when I sat down, the table next to us was Henry Johnston, a friend from school, and his new wife Emily! I had just found out maybe two days before that they’d be in Orlando for their honeymoon but were doing more Universal stuff, so I didn’t expect to see them. But at the odd hour were were eating dinner, of all restaurants, even just in Downtown Disney, there they were! It was a nice reminder of home/DePauw.