I get it now…

When I’d look up blogs on college program experiences, I would always be so bummed when they stopped writing shortly after check-in. I was like, come on I wanna know every detail!

Well here I am 2.5 weeks into my time in the College Program (which is still SO surreal to say!) and I have barely posted beyond some Instagrams. I am so sorry about that! It has been a whirlwind with early mornings, training, playing in the parks, making new friends and keeping in touch with friends and family back home.Β 

I finally have had a chance to relax since Friday. I have had very early mornings opening Spaceship Earth. It’s been rough getting up, but walking into the park as the music pumps on and the sun comes up is pretty magical. And my naps after work have been glorious (hence why I haven’t been blogging). But now my schedule has panned out a bit and I’ll be working more closing shifts, starting around 3:30, like today!

I’ll share my experiences about training and my time playing in the parks soon.

I suppose it’s good how busy I’ve been, I am truly having SO much fun!!